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John Locke

Career opportunities for Early-Stage Researchers

This workshop was dedicated to the careers of PhD and Post-Doctoral students, as well as on use of cloud technologies in scientific computing. Talks for given on the ways of securing PhD funding, progressions ESR career, as well as on few examples from fluid dynamics where cloud technologies have been used for computational purposes.

Science Outreach to local schools

Activities on ATM2BT involve spreading knowledge and expertise of the consortium in the field of hydrodynamics and particularly, turbulence, across all levels of expertise. We aim to engage with students from local schools, in order to convey importance of research in hydrodynamics, and inspire new minds to get involved in this exciting field of research in applied physics and mathematics. Below you will find a very short, introductory material, which was created to give high school students in the UK a primer in fluid dynamics and equations of Navier-Stokes. ​

Short University level Master's Course in hydrodynamics turbulence

Set of lecture notes and tutorials dedicated to Global Bifurcation Analysis and Transition to Turbulence in Shear Incompressible Flow.